I've been lucky enough to document some pretty kick-arse and unique celebrations of love since 2011, and my work has allowed me to travel all over the world. From the olive fields of Tuscany, to historic manors in Norway, hot islands of Malta, sunset beaches in Bali, rolling hills of New Zealand, and locally, from Perth, Brisbane, Tasmania, Adelaide, Sydney, to some of the most beautiful parts of northern NSW.

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My wedding work is on the documentary & whimsical side of the wedding photography fence, with rawness, romance, elegance, soft focus & moodiness thrown in. I look for the intimacy & human connection in the 'in between' & unseen moments, searching for light & beauty, sometimes in more unusual places. I find that allowing my couples to be themselves within a comfortable and intimate space, is key to being able to capture images that hold emotions which they will want to remember until they grow old & wrinkly together.

I strongly believe that my artistic practice should represent the honest & perhaps complex story behind your day, because there's more to true love than the wedding day. Together, you have gone through a journey, from the first dates, to falling in love, moving in together, sharing best friends, supporting one other in the harder times, the proposal.. so many precious memories that have led you to this milestone.


And now, it's time to get dressed up, feast on top notch tucker & hand selected booze, & perhaps even have a good ole' boogie to some fine tunes with your best-est of friends & the love of your life. What more could you want.

My aim is to capture the good, the bad & the ugly (in a good way), of you & your loved ones in these moments, as your most vulnerable and authentic selves, evoking the warmth between you and reaching through to your true characters, to capture a real representation of who you are, together.

When you look at your wedding photos, I want you to be able to relive the feelings and many different emotions that made up the whole day, those crushing hugs, giant smiling (and sometimes silly) faces, beautiful tears, impressive dance moves, and remember how full to the brim with love you both felt.

Lilli x o x 




There are certain things in life that get me.. the light at the end of the day, road trips & blues music mixed tapes, any films with Michael Caine in them, waiting for a storm to hit, old houses, trips to Europe, chilli choc-tops & conversations that make me question things. I am also an old fashioned romantic, which probably explains my career choice.

I'm an award-winning exhibiting Photographic Artist and founder of I Got You Babe. I live in an old art deco house in Pascoe Vale South in Melbourne with my muso hubby Jake & our two intensely affectionate tonkinese cats, Charlie & Min. We married almost two years ago in Autumn out the back of an old shop under a 100 year old grapevine in one of my favourite country towns, Castlemaine. Skipping formalities, we decided to go straight for the 70's themed disco party, calling it 'Boogiewed', based on our favourite music festival. Dressing up in gold, we asked a close friend to snap the night up on a bunch of old film cameras and expired film, and drank & danced to old soul records ( & a pretty good late night Spotify playlist when our deejay went to bed) with our mates until 7am. It was a bangin' good party.

I started I Got You Babe in 2012, which means I've been doing this wedding thing 8 years now. When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm immersed in my commission & personal work, desiring to create new work and push myself creatively, which then feeds back into my work with my couples. My work has been published extensively in print magazines and online Internationally, including Vogue Living, Real Living, Yen Mag, Art Aesthetica, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Frankie, Peppermint, The Design Files, Modern & Contemporary Art & more. 

For my other work and full bio, visit www.lilliwaters.com


Career Highlights & Awards              

2018 Finalist, Art Aesthetica Art Prize, UK
2018 Finalist, Contemporary Art Awards
2018 Featured Artist, 'Mirror Mirror' Art Bites: ABC series
2017 Top rated entries, Lens Culture Portrait Awards
2017 Photographic works featured in Christian Grey's Penthouse in the Universal Pictures film 'Fifty Shades Darker' & 'Fifty Shades Freed'
2017 Finalist, National Still Life Award
2017 Finalist, 'Click 17' Photographic Art Prize, Brunswick St Gallery
2017 Semi-Finalist, Head On Portrait Prize, Museum of Sydney
2015 Semi-Finalist, Head On Portrait Prize, Museum of Sydney
2015 Artwork gift to charity, The Hands Down Project, Domestic Violence Resource Centre of Victoria
2015 ANJA Book Launch
2015 Top rated entries, Lens Culture Portrait Awards
2013 Guest Speaker, Semi-Permanent Creative Global Conference, Melbourne and Brisbane
2013 Finalist, Head On Portrait Prize
2013 Highly Commended, Qantas Soya Award
2013 - 2017 Guest Speaker, Photographic Imaging College, Melbourne
2012 Highly Commended, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
2012 Semi-Finalist x 2, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
2012 Highly Commended, Qantas Soya Award,
2012 - 2015 Fund raising for The White Ribbon Foundation through the ANJA and SHE RAW Exhibitions
2012 She Raw Book Launch - The 41 Women's Portraits, part of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
2011 Winner, 'She Raw', Focus Project People's Choice
2000 Best Music Film Clip, Atom Awards
2000 Best Music Film Clip, Diegesis Awards


Work & Press

I Got You Babe has been featured in
wedding magazines and online publications.


Harpers Bazaar Bride

Hello May

The Lane

Together Journal

White Magazine

Junebug WeddingS



Frankie Magazine

Hooray Magazine

Wedded Wonderland

Paper & Lace

Novela Bride

Farewell Fiance

Rock'n'Roll Bride

Bride Australia

Bride To Be Magazine

Pure Bride Magazine


The Knot

Brides of Norway

Polka Dot Bride


With an eye for beautifully soft and perfectly composed images, we are always completely captivated by I Got You Babe's wedding photography.

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