We love the organic feel of I Got You Babe’s work and the way they are able to capture the raw beauty of natural moments, while still delivering polished, strong images that stay with you forever.



Oh my..., I'm bursting. They are so bloody beautiful!! They really are something special that capture the day so perfectly, and we knew they would with you. Thank you, THANK YOU so much for being such a special part of our big day.

/  Susie & Nathan  /


I Got You Babe has a way of capturing incredible pure moments. With an eye for beautifully soft and perfectly composed images, we are always completely captivated by their wedding photography.' 

/  One Day Bridal  /


Words cannot describe how grateful we are that stumbled across your Instagram page and booked you as our photographer. You were such a legend and made the experience completely relaxed and hilarious.

/  Lana & Clem  /


I Got You Babe’s style is suited to those who want every moment of their wedding day documented; the emotive exchanges, rituals of beauty and dressing, attention to small stylistic details and the pure moments of intimacy you share in those ‘in-between’ moments.



Dear Lil, I cannot even find the words! We are completely over the moon and overwhelmed by your work. You absolutely frieken nailed it. Honestly, the BEST!!

/  Aleisha & Sime  /


We felt surrounded by so much love and happiness on the day and it absolutely shows in all the photos. They really capture the whole mood and spirit of the day in such an authentic and beautiful way, and it's so exciting we can relive that feeling whenever we want!

/  Zoë & Jai  /


Lilli!  You are truly talented... oh my god!!! These have brought me to tears, THANK YOU! You're amazing & the photos are beautiful. I'm losing it looking through them all! Lilli, seriously couldn't recommend you more highly. Thanks for being so amazing!!

/  Paula & Dan  /


We want to thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly in so many beautiful photos. Your style and tasteful wedding photos was perfect for us, and they were better than had hoped for!

/  Marian & Stig  /


We have loved sharing the photos with our family and reliving the whole day again. The photos feel honest and natural, and real — just how we wanted our day to be.

/  Jess & Adam  /



You guys managed to get some truly beautiful shots of us both, and I know how awkward I can be to photograph! Our guests and family all said how friendly you were and a great addition to the night.

/  Ed & Amanda  /


Lilli is such a hard working woman and she has an incredible eye for capturing things. She was upbeat, cool and kept us going! Everyone mentioned how lovely and easy she was to be around.

/  Melinda & Brendan  /


Each frame as beautiful as a fine art portrait, and yet they are candid, fleeting moments that collectively capture the soul and romance of your entire wedding day.