Claire & Dave ~ Trawool Country Property, VIC

These two beautiful souls & artists, Claire & Dave, married on the Goulburn River, intertwining their love of nature & love for each other into their ceremony.

Their celebrant spoke of the interconnection we all have with the elements, the earth as it supports and grounds us, the water as it heals us, the air that gives us life and the fire that burns beside us to keep us warm.

Their guests gathered and took a long walk from the campsite, guided by four young children waving flags, bearing a two black ‘x’ symbols. Claire & Dave stood waiting for them by the river, greeting & hugging every one of them as they arrived. The same cross symbols were marked on the paper that guests were asked to write something for Claire & Dave, which was then set alight to burn as part of the ceremony, as the couples hands were tied together by fabric by their mothers.

I feel truly lucky to have been able to be there to capture such a very special & unique part of this couples journey.

After the ceremony, we jumped in the Jeep and went for a crazy rocky wild ride up into the mountains to reach a field of giant sacred boulders and to watch the sun hit the horizon line, a truly beautiful display of mother natures work at its finest.

Both looked rather dashing, with Claire’s non-traditional black dress by Arnsdorf & wide brimmed hat with a black ribbon, and Dave making his own woollen suit for the special occasion.

I think we all felt humbled surrounded by these hills.

Thank you for having me Claire & Dave, it was a very special honour.

And congratulations on your beautiful little babe to come. It was a little secret between us on the day as it was early days, but I’m so happy to see the official announcement! xx

Photography ~ I Got You Babe
Claire’s gown ~ Arnsdorf
Dave’s suit ~ Dave Clark-Robertson
Celebrant ~ Sally Lewry
Venue ~ Private Property, Trawool, VIC