Danielle & Benji — Summerlees, NSW

I was blown away by this Valentines Day wedding to say the least. It involved a wonderful and creative couple, a De Lorean, an enormous love sculpture made by artist Benjamin Shine in the weeks coming up to the wedding day, cats (of course), a dog, a rooster, a horse named Chino, 38 guests from all over the world, 5 birthday cakes (for me as it was my birthday), Michael Jackson moonwalking, gumboots and much more.

Then later when everybody left, there was more birthday cake & red wine for dinner with discussions over movies and haunted houses. Then birthday cake again for breakfast, a foggy sunrise over the mountains, not much sleep and a friggin' awesome good time had.

I fell in love with these people, holy moly. One of my most favourite weddings, ever. 

As featured on Junebug Weddings