Mentoring Sessions

A limited number of sessions are available and can take place either at Lilli's studio in Brunswick East or via Skype. Together, we will take an in depth look at your folio and explore the following:

  • Step by step guidance focusing on post-processing a wedding, editing techniques and ‘fine-tuning’ of your images using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, to help create your own individual style

  • A ‘walk through’ of the process of a workflow, unique to your methods and creative practice

Through these mentoring sessions, you will extend your knowledge and gain more tools & techniques to help you to work with more confidence and efficiency as a photographic artist.

Hi Lilli!

I had a lovely day yesterday :)

As I mentioned in my card, my mentoring session with you is going to be an absolute game changer for me! I went straight home that night a played around with my editing and it has made such a difference already. I feel much more confident tackling my editing now and that is a huge blessing for me. I love the skin tones & shadows in my new images!


Ali Bant xx (Smith + Archer)


(second email)

Okay I'm going to stop sending you emails now, but I can can not get over the difference in my editing .... they look SO much better (so much so I'm feeling embarrassed!). Obviously the major difference is white balance, but it is also so much more than just white balance too! See, game changer!

Ali xx

Hi Lilli,

I just wanted to say an immense thank you for your mentoring session.  It was so thorough and open and I learned SO much.  I think that I have a much better grasp of some of the technical bits that have been giving me hiccups for years!  I can’t wait to put the things we discussed to practice and hopefully find my own style with wedding photography.

Thanks again for your inspiration and for sharing your experience!

Liza Semler

Hi Lil,

Thanks so much for your feedback, I totally agree with everything you mentioned.

I left our little session together so pumped about this season ahead which is exactly what I needed. I am going to spend the next couple of weeks doing all of the biz side of things and will get cracking on my website, blogs, contracts and all that jazz.

I got so much out of it and it was nice to jump on the plane straight after and just have time to reflect on everything we went through.

You are the bomb,

Much love,

Sarah Tonkin x

Dear Lilli.

I just wanted to thank you for the pleasant conversation we had yesterday. It was a really pleasure talking to you and thank you so much for the kind words about my work :) Because of you I’m also thinking about naming my wedding business a different name. 

Once again thank you for your kindness, it feels like have a friend on the other side of the world. All the luck and I will be following your photography efforts. 

All the best!!

Alex Sporre


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